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GP 129: Dingolay / Onyenze / Ramajay / Tigerstyle / Zuzuka Poderosa

This edition of Ghetto Palms ended up being kind of a greatest misses for 2010—the only thing the beats really have in common being that I’m kicking myself for not including them in an earlier … read more »

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Rainbow Arabia, “Without You (Nguzunguzu Remix)” MP3

Rainbow Arabia‘s “Without You” is three and a half minutes long. This remix is basically the first four seconds on repeat. Feeling like Nguzunguzu are into big twigs as drumsticks. Rainbow Arabia into it, but … read more »

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Stream: Rainbow Arabia, “Without You”

The YouTube description for Rainbow Arabia’s “Holiday in Congo” promises “tropical awkwardness,” which is maybe a more apt description of the band’s usual output than our standard, “seems like a super dubious band name/cover art.” … read more »

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Live: Spoek Mathambo at One Step Beyond

Last Friday night at the final installment of our party at the American Museum of Natural History, we passed the time before Spoek Mathambo played by cruising the clear-glass elevator up to the Hayden Planetarium. … read more »

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NYC: One Step Beyond Featuring Spoek Mathambo, Rainbow Arabia and Activaire DJs

It’s time for the November installment of our party uptown at the Natural History Museum, this month featuring our cover star Spoek Mathambo back from South Africa and FADER friends Rainbow Arabia and the Activaire … read more »

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Pictureplane’s MTYMX Rhinoceropolis Hype Package & Rainbow Arabia RMX MP3s

NYC show godhead Todd P’s throwing MTYMX this week, a three-day festival/fun explosion in Monterrey, Mexico, but the NYC show stalwart got some help with the lineup from Rhinoceropolis, an awesome DIY warehouse/show spot in … read more »

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Pictureplane, “5th Sun (Heliopolis Mix By Rainbow Arabia)” MP3

Without getting way too embarrassing, we caught an episode of How I Met Your Mother on the computer the other night and the main dude was like “If you say anything over and over, it … read more »

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Freeload: Egyptian Hip Hop, “Rad Pitt” MP3

Here is the latest entry in the “great music, dubious band name” craze that has been perplexing and confusing us with love (see: Rainbow Arabia, Neon Indian, Soft Pack nee The Muslims). We love all … read more »

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Freeload: Rainbow Arabia, “Haunted Hall” MP3

Someone really liked Gang Gang Dance’s last album. Oh, us. Which is why we like this Rainbow Arabia track from their forthcoming Kabukimono, with it’s ice synths, desert hand drums and oud-ish guitar. But we’re … read more »

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Video: Used to Have a Gerbil Named Rainbow Arabia

1987. Good gerbil, named him that because he had a little black swath of hair under his nose and vomited a crazy colored puddle the first day home from the pet store, but still, could’ve … read more »

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