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King Louie f. 2 Chainz and Red Cafe “Too Cool (Remix)” MP3

Although occasionally misidentified as gang literature, rising star King Louie’s seemingly Basquiat-inspired stickers are hard to miss in Chicago right now. The LEP Bogus Boys and Bo Deal might be the face of Chicago to … read more »

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Red Cafe, Above the Clouds Mixtape + “Hands in the Air” Video

The preamble to the “Hands in the Air” video, a track from Red Cafe‘s Above the Clouds mixtape, is the very San Francisco bumper sticker logic of “God made pot, man made beer. Who do … read more »


Cloudkickers: Clearing Away the Overcast In Nina Sky

Holy Déjà Vu! Nina Sky’s patience with their label Polo Grounds went out a 50-foot window last week when they used Twitter to air out their frustration over the mishandling of their sophomore album. Now … read more »

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Fabolous & DJ Drama, There is No Competition 2 (The Funeral Service) Mixtape

We were gonna be cute and post a standout track from TINC 2, but there would’ve been ten links on here so we’ll keep it simple. Already we’ve noted plenty of Fab’s signature punchlines, some … read more »

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DJ Spin King f. Red Cafe & Lore’L, “Tap It, Beat It, Drill It” MP3

New Jersey’s 19 year-old DJ Spin King, who we learn from Twitter is also the official DJ for both Diggy and JoJo Simmons (of Reverend Run’s loins and inherently, MTV’s Run’s House), seems a competent … read more »

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Red Cafe, “Here To Get Money” MP3

If a certain editor is to be believed, Red Cafe is the future of Brooklyn rap. Though, if a certain editor’s friends are to be believed, Cafe is Brooklyn rap past, having already made numerous … read more »

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Video: Red Cafe, “Hottest In The Hood”

This is a different look for Diddy, hanging out in front of cheap motels and all. Fab too, probably. Is that what took so long for the video to come out? Was there some kind … read more »

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Red Cafe, “Heart And Soul” MP3

Red Cafe signed to Bad Boy and we collectively put our head in our hands. Cafe’s ground-up ascension as a New York City hero was well earned, but what has Diddy done for anyone not … read more »

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Freeload: Red Cafe f. The 2009 Hot 97 All-Stars, “Hottest In The Hood (Remix)”

Everyone on this song has made individual songs that we’ve jammed, all probably in the last week alone, or maybe we’re just overlooking our undying allegiance to DJ Enuff‘s “Rush Hour,” but holy shit, Loso … read more »

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