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Lady Chann f. Sticky, “Sticky Situation (Part Two)” MP3

Lots of guys from planet Earth have probably tried this number and failed. A remote few have succeeded: he loves you, he loves her, it’s a sticky situation. UK dancehall mistress Lady Chann puts the … read more »

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Gregory Isaacs, The Coolest: A Live Video Collection

After the jump, a little gathering of FADER’s favorite performances from the cool ruler, Gregory Isaacs, who passed away today at the age of 59 from lung cancer. So much better to watch him on … read more »

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Interview With Gyptian

Reggae crooner Gyptian made “Hold Yuh” over a year and a half ago, but somehow it’s become the most ubiquitous sound of 2010 summer: stand by any Brooklyn stoplight for three minutes and you’ll hear … read more »

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Video: King Driis f. Shadow, "Hold On"

So, Idris Elba raps. Not like in the Joaquin Phoenix kind of way of putting drunken slurs into a rhythm that he calls hip-hop. What’s amazing is that Idris is so good that this new … read more »

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A Guided Tour through Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archives

Roger Steffens had a substantial hand in popularizing reggae in the United States as an early fan and Los Angeles radio DJ, and he’s got the goods to prove it—his six-room library is jammed with … read more »

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South Rakkas Crew f. Jigsy King, “Keep the Vibes Pumpin” MP3

The next 4/20 is a terribly long ways away—close to a whole year, according to our super-precise calculations aka the calendar. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop honoring the ganj: there are plenty … read more »

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Video: Buju Banton "Optimistic Soul"

The dance that Buju does on stage during the video is actually the same dance we do in our sleep to wake ourselves. Never mind that we’re exposing ourselves to the risk of shaken baby … read more »

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Video: Chevaughn f. Ding Dong, Craig (Voicemail) & Christopher Martin "Tables"

This video is a little outrageous but whenever we hear the words “Ding Dong and/or Voicemail” we get a little excited. The best part is the “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” at the beginning which … read more »

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Video: Demarco f. Craig from Voicemail, "Show It"

Old song, new video, which hopefully Demarco can us to pull himself back up into the American mainstream (or at least as mainstream as he was with “Fallen Soldiers,” his peak). Judging from the amount … read more »

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Parental Advisory: Mary J. Blige f. Jah Cure, "Each Tear (Reggae RMX)" MP3

Check for updates on what your parent’s favorite musicians are doing in our weekly Parental Advisory post. This week’s soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Mary J. Blige.

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