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Renaissance Man, “Bebe-Borne” MP3

FADER PREMIERE This weekend, Helsinki electronic duo Renaissance Man is in NYC to play the third annual Father’s Day party, a night of joyous house and techno music thrown by Fatherhood’s Physical Therapy and Michael … read more »

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Video: Renaissance Man, “Stalker Humanoid”

Is this video the pleasant inverse of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” clip? Helsinki-duo Renaissance Man are on far too many hippie Green Goddess vibes to do something as terrifying as the “Thriller” zombies, but there’s a … read more »

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Renaissance Man’s FADER Mix MP3

More than a year ago, Helsinki duo Renaissance Man said they’d kill, “to make real life as exciting as Second Life.” True to this mission, their FADER Mix is a terrific smoothie of real and … read more »

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Stream: Renaissance Man’s New Years Mix 2011

Helsinki techno: still weird! Jellybean Benitez drum sparkles with modulated dog from Doom barking for the first track. From there we get a little Knight Rider, and then some dude saying “body machine” over and … read more »

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Stream: Health, “Death + (Renaissance Man Remix)”

By “Health remix,” Renaissance Man mean they made their own track of nastily angelic xylophone house that doesn’t have anything to do with the original! Yay! OMG so good. This remix has been around a … read more »

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Stream: The Very Best, “Nsokoto (Renaissance Man Remix)”

Finland’s finest, Renaissance Man, meets, yeah, some guys from different parts of the world who make pop. Peace out America, we’re going to live inside whatever continent is producing shit this weirdly awesome. Which is … read more »

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Poni Hoax, “We are the Bankers (Renaissance Man Sax Dub)” MP3

Every summer, the Queens museum PS1 hosts a Saturday afternoon party called Warm Up with DJs playing disco, house and other summery beat music. The crowd is heavily linen wearing and this track by French … read more »

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Stream: Renaissance Man’s Babbadabba EP

Our YouTube search for “Ornette Coleman stoned” was pretty much fruitless, but that’s the vibe of Finnish acapella techno artists Renaissance Man‘s new EP Babbadabba. A bunch of years ago, Ornette went to Morocco to … read more »

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Renaissance Man, Roc Star Tokyo Mix MP3

No idea what Roc Star Tokyo is so we will subtitle this mix “Exactly what Kobe Bryant in an all white pilgrim outfit listens to in the back of his limousine.” Listening to this Renaissance … read more »

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Renaissance Man’s USA Promo Mix MP3

Apparently this mix is for “Forma.T” which has nothing to do with America at all, but it’s labeled “USA Promo Mix Feb 2010,” so we’re going to pretend that some time in the next six … read more »

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