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Nine 11 Thesaurus + Tim Dewit Represent NYC

We first got familiar with Representing NYC‘s hip-hop recording series back in 2009, when FADER TV premiered a mini doc about The Fly Girlz, a group of students from East Brooklyn whose first album had … read more »

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FADER TV: The Fly Girlz Represent Brooklyn

When we first heard about a group of 12-year-old girls calling themselves The Fly Girlz and rapping in Brownsville, we naturally wanted to find out more. Specifically, we wanted to know how and why they … read more »

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Sam Hillmer Of Zs New Project: The Fly Girlz

Sam Hillmer of Zs has embarked upon a new project, and no we’re not talking about his work with Dirty Projectors or MOTH. Hillmer and some of his industry friends will help release an album from The Fly Girlz — a group of young girls ranging from ages 12 to 14 from Brownsville, Brooklyn. read more »

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