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Robert Plant's New Cover Art = Better Craft Beer Label

Wipe the text and then think of all the possibilities: Sax Cat Stout, Sad Clown Barley Wine, Evil Monkey Abbey Ale, Poofy Pants Pilsner, Ring Bearer’s Bitter. WE COULD KEEP GOING. PLEASE SEND MORE.

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Led Zeppelin Will Not Reunite, And That's Final (We Think)

Just in case you’d battened down the hatches for the musical apocalypse, you can breathe a sigh of relief — Led Zeppelin will not reunite without Robert Plant, now or ever. At least that’s what Jimmy Page’s manager Peter Mensch is saying this time. read more »

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Led Zeppelin To Tour & Record With New Singer

Ugh. read more »

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Ad Age Lists Top Ten Songs Used In Commercials

Think your favorite artist is “selling out” when he sells his or her song to an ad on TV? Well, that’s Ad Age‘s bread and butter your messin’ with, so sit back, take the chip off your shoulder and watch what they consider the top 10 song-meets-product commercials of 2008. read more »

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