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Cool People’s Picks: 23 Musicians, Tastemakers and Weirdos Choose Their Favorite Music of 2013

22 smart listeners talk about the 2013 songs they won’t forget Though we at FADER don’t empirically rank our favorite releases, the year-end battle between album heavyweights rages in our brains like everyone else’s. We’re … read more »

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Miley Cyrus at the VMAs: When to Listen and When to Shut Up

With some luck, I scored a seat at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the arena once endorsed and later abandoned by Jay Z. I anticipated that attending would feel … read more »

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Video: Robin Thicke f. T.I. and Pharrell, “Blurred Lines”

We missed Robin Thicke’s great, now five-day-old video in a post-Austin hurricane of urgent tasks, but it’s certainly still worth a first or fifteenth watch. “Blurred Lines” is a Pharrell-produced, snap-and-popping reboot of Marvin Gaye’s … read more »

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Download Busta Rhymes’ Album The Year of the Dragon

Just before the release of his first album on Young Money, Busta Rhymes shares a free LP, The Year of the Dragon. The record features his Gucci Mane collaboration “Make it Look East” and a … read more »

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Game f. Robin Thicke, "Phantom" MP3

Listen here Robin Thicke: you keep to singing because we don’t need you whisper rapping in our ears getting us all hot-n-bothered in 90-degree weather (#unnecessary). This track is a Grade A-Dr.Dre stamped-heater. It’s nothing … read more »

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Video: Robin Thicke f. Snoop Dogg, "It's In The Mornin'"

How can Robin Thicke even think about sex in the morning?! It’s pretty easy if you wake up in a tropical paradise with Paula Patton by your side day in, day out. This morning we … read more »

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Robin Thicke, "Fall Again" MP3

If you have ever been to a wedding and heard some Kenny Lattimore, this song will take you right to that moment. We haven’t heard this kinda raw sax since 1998. If this seems a … read more »

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The Pruned Leaves In Quincy Jones' "Secret Garden" Remake

R&B juggernauts, they have to collide sometime, and when they do, there is hell to pay—in panties! Yep, it comes with the territory when you’re Usher and Robin Thicke. Together though, the world is their … read more »

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Video: Robin Thicke f. Estelle, “Roller Coaster”

Three years ago, Brooklyn’s Empire Skate, aka “the home of roller disco,” shut down. If it was still alive, we would want to hear this jam about seven times as we tried not to fall … read more »

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Video: Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj on Letterman

Robin Thicke: we love you boo but you dance like a girl. Do what you do best and sing us out of our drawers. Nicki: you already know what it is! This is sensory overload … read more »

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