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Action Bronson for The FADER

GEN F: Action Bronson

Two crazy years ago, Action Bronson, the Albanian rapper out of Queens, NY, was working the kitchen at his father’s restaurant, chasing a longtime passion for food and raising babies on a chef’s wage. He … read more »

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Union f. Roc Marciano, “Preset Mars” MP3

French hip hop producers Union released a record last week entitled Analogtronics, much of which blends post-Dilla grooves with an emotional, reflective quality. Long Island’s Roc Marciano, who has a history of delivering when he … read more »

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Roc Marciano, “Emeralds” MP3

Roc Marciano, Hempstead’s leading exporter of fine gangsta minutiae and warped food punchlines, returns with “Emeralds.” Sometimes it’s easy to forget how strangely clever he is when he falls back on really blatant third string … read more »

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Roc Marciano, “My Persona” MP3

With last years’ cult favorite Marcberg Roc Marciano set a new standard for sparseness in boom bap production. It was like a minimalist Killarmy record, everything stripped to its barest elements and leaving only his … read more »

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Sick Team f. Roc Marciano, “Lyrical Assassins” MP3

Hempstead true schooler Roc Marciano brings his usual, vaguely throwback and needle-point-accurate imagery to the far East. Japan’s Sick Team might kill it as well. If you understand Japanese or just like the sound of … read more »

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