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Stream Branko’s Drums Slums & Hums Mixtape

On his tackily titled but compelling Drums Slums & Hums mixtape, Buraka Som Sistema producer Branko (formerly J-Wow) loosens the self-imposed kuduro and funk carioca restrictions that have defined his group and stretches the sound … read more »

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Video: SBTRKT f. Roses Gabor, “Pharoahs”

There is an astounding array of masks, face paint, helmets, and jewelry in SBTRKT’s new video for “Pharoahs.” Which is good because there are also a lot of cameras with which to photograph said head … read more »

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Stream: Greenmoney f. Roses Gabor, “Into You”

The Greenmoney duo is comprised of Alex Phountzi, founding member of the seminal broken beat collective Bugz In The Attic, and Leo Greenslade, of West London’s notorious Yoyo party, sonic precursors to the sort of … read more »

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Video: Redlight f. Roses Gabor, “Stupid”

Weird Neytiri primitivism aside, this video conjures ’90s rave days, vocal diva gussied up in neon, while the next-level synth bass pulsates with the possibilities and dangers of the night air. Radio 1 dancefloor queen … read more »

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