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Amen Dunes

Video: Amen Dunes, “Lilac In Hand”

FADER PREMIERE Since 2009, Brooklynite Damon McMahon has been constructing dusty psych-folk tunes under the banner of Amen Dunes. What started out as abstract, formless compositions has gradually become more grounded as McMahon’s continued writing. … read more »

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Zola Jesus Wordless Music

Live: Zola Jesus at Brooklyn Cathedral for Wordless Music Series

One thing you probably know about Nika Roza Danilova, better known as Zola Jesus, is that her voice is big. Whether it’s a dissonant cover of a Jefferson Airplane song, the intro track on M83’s … read more »

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Stream: Destruction Unit, “Bumpy Road”

Destruction Unit’s very aptly named Deep Trip LP is a whirlwind psychedelic experience, sweating out gooey riffs and gothic vocals with a theatric intensity that somehow manages to be serious and fun to listen to … read more »

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Stream: The Men, “Open Your Heart”

Straining at the very top of his vocal register, The Men’s Nick Chiericozzi sounds as emotional as he ever has on “Open Your Heart,” now streaming at NPR. Chiericozzi turns any urgency or anger once … read more »

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Psychic Ills, “Mind Daze” MP3

There is something about Psychic Ills that makes them sound older than their years. It’s not that they actually are, Dins, the album that made us be like, WHOA PSYCHIC ILLS, came out in 2006. … read more »

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Amen Dunes, “Not A Slave” MP3

Damon McMahon, who now records as Amen Dunes always seemed like a solitary dude. His music is unfussy and personal. It’s not heart-on-sleeve though, it’s just music that comes from the mind of one specific … read more »

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Stream: Woods, “Find Them Empty”

This is much heavier on the organ than we’re used to from Woods. It gives the whole track an experimenting-with-drugs-for-the-first-time-because-actually-it’s-the-1960s-and-a-lot-of-drugs-haven’t-been-invented-yet vibe, but because frontman Jeremy Earl has never been content to emptily ape tropes from … read more »

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Open Air: Moon Duo

It’s almost April in New York but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as sunny and airy as it is in Moon Duo‘s home-base of San Francisco right now. However, when Ripley and Sanae came through … read more »

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Live: Zola Jesus at Glasslands

Nika Roza Danilova, better known to the world as Zola Jesus, is notoriously petite, possibly standing under five feet tall barefoot. And so, when she sings, there is a tinge of dissonance at first, incredulity … read more »

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Twelve Dark Noons Could Be The Next Avatar If You Help Out

By now you might be familiar with director Jacqueline Castel, who has directed all sorts of moody videos we’ve written about on this site (personal favorites: Moon Duo’s “Killing Time” and, um, all the Zola … read more »

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