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Video: SAFE, “Black Satin Living Room”

Straddling the border between friendship and romance is a universal, age-old predicament that’s been the subject of more pop songs than we care to count. But that doesn’t make it any less shitty. On “Black … read more »

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Download Heems’ Wild Water Kingdom Mixtape

Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri bka Heems has released his second mixtape of the year, Wild Water Kingdom. The tape, which is named after the Dorney Park-adjacent waterpark in Allentown, PA, a commercial-touchstone for anyone raised … read more »

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SAFE f. Lakutis, “Neotropical Vacation” MP3

Last time we heard from Oakland duo SAFE, they’d lost their album in a computer fire. Frontman Chris Edley returns with Greedhead labelmate Lakutis on this mellow get-away song, with buzzy percussion from Brooklyn’s Steel … read more »

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Stream: SAFE’s Ghost Record Demos

Chris F. Edley and Jesse Hadden are Bay Area duo SAFE. Their Oakland studio’s computer—a “hackintosh” built last fall from what Edley calls “discount Shenzen parts”—just caught fire, burning up their forthcoming full-length debut. What’s … read more »

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Labels to Watch

Five record labels that are making their mark. The Sounds of Sweet Nothing Location: London, UK What: Ned Hodge quit his job at Rough Trade Records in 2009 with the intention of getting out of … read more »

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