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New York And San Francisco Battle Over The Rights To Woodstock

Woodstock Venture’s Michael Lang is trying to stop “any event in the world that plans to celebrate the ‘40th Anniversary of Woodstock’” as well as any art or phrase that contains the words “peace and music.” read more »

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Woodstock Organizers Preparing 40th Anniversary Festivals In New York And Berlin

With all of the festivals going on in 2009, it’s starting to seem like the market is getting a bit over-saturated. But lest we forget the one that started them all turns 40 this year, and Woodstock organizers are hoping to land some of the original participants that performed at Yasgur’s Farm back in ‘69, including Santana, the Who, Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, Neil Young and the once-again reformed Grateful Dead. read more »

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Omar Rodriguez Lopez – "Private Fortunes"

With the closing of GSL, Omar Rodriguez Lopez was suddenly left without a home label for his many side projects. Not that he wouldn’t have plenty of suiters, but aside from providing a geographical fit, Stones Throw is probably the only label that Lopez could sonically slide seamlessly onto. read more »

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