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Staff Selects Playlist: R&B Production’s Rap Turn

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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K. Michelle, “How Many Times” MP3

K. Michelle, who according to her Twitter is “R. Kelly’s protege” is maybe treading a little close to Keyshia territory for comfort…at least for Keyshia’s comfort, because regardless of the originality of your protagonist, a … read more »

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Video: Sean Garrett f. J. Cole, “Feel Love”

First we were wondering why Sean Garrett, a heavily talented songwriter-turned-singer has not enjoyed the fame even a dude like, say, Bobby Valentino has. Because, straight up, he is just better. Might be that he … read more »

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Stream: Sean Garrett f. J. Cole, “Feel Love”

Sean Garrett‘s kinda nasal spoken word intro over plucked strings on his new single “Feel Love” is kinda tight! Uh oh, here comes the drip noise! Is this awesome? It might be! Sean “The Pen” … read more »

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Video: Sean Garrett f. Yo Gotti and Bun B, “Summer Love”

Okay so memory might be a little hazy, but we remember a scene in Slam Dunk Ernest, in which Ernest is walking through an open mall that has approximately zero customers because they maybe couldn’t … read more »

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Sean Garrett f. Drake, “Feel Love” MP3

Admittedly we were a little unsure that Sean Garrett was going to be able to deliver on his promise as weird mumbly singer/songwriter/producer to the stars. But then he was on “Break Up” with Gucci … read more »

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Video: Sean Garrett f. Tyga and Gucci Mane, "She Geeked"

This weekend we met a dude who was wearing cuffed baggy jorts with a crisp white button down and walked with the swagger of James Dean, not to mention the hair as well. During the … read more »

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Sean Garrett f. Bun B and Yo Gotti, “Summer Love” MP3

First of all, you can’t just call your song “Summer Love” and expect it to be summer anthem. But we like all these dudes, so hearing them wax ecstatic about hanging out in warm weather … read more »

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Video: Sean Garrett f. Nicki Minaj, "Get It All"

Everyone in this video is too old to high school. We think it’s supposed be college but colleges don’t have lockers, so we’re confused. You can’t be in high school past 23 in New York, … read more »

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Video: Sean Garrett f. Nicki Minaj, “Get It All”

The trend of Nicki Minaj making peoples’ videos 300% more interesting continues. Here, she manages to steal the show in a clip that includes lip-syncing sixth graders, seas of exposed midriff and Sean Garrett moaning … read more »

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