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Spotted at New York Fashion Week: The Music Edition

This weekend’s United Bamboo show featured a performance by Sonic Boom, Peter Kember’s amazing post-Spacemen 3 project. The excitement over that made worlds collide, an hour-long oasis in the middle of Fashion Week that was … read more »

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Haiku Review: We Are Plastic Ono Band @ BAM

Photography by Kevin Mazur/Wire Image Mothers and fathers and daughters and sons as one a living haiku

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Sean Lennon Rips Off John Lennon

Nakey alert. read more »

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Lennon Brothers To Perform Together For First Time Next Month

As famous feuds go, it doesn’t get much bigger than Lennon vs. Lennon. Or, perhaps more accurately, Julian vs. Yoko. There’s been animosity between the three since John Lennon’s murder in 1980, but it looks like the bridges are about to be rebuilt — Sean and Julian will perform together in public next month in New York. read more »

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