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Coming Soon: Adventures with Helluvastate

Here’s a quick preview of the legacy aspirations of Seattle’s Helluvastate.

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Video: Dyme Def, “2go” (Live in Seattle)

You have to love that Dyme Def’s performance of “2go” starts with a shout-out to people in the bathroom. The three men of the group offer not only solid individual rapping styles, but also great … read more »

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Video: Dyme Def Do It Themselves

Seattle trio-for-12-years Dyme Def take pride in having built their own studio and the creative control of making all their songs in-house. But out in the world is where they shine. They say they’re built … read more »

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Video: Helluvastate, “Star State” (Live in Seattle)

Here’s Helluvastate’s extraterrestrial-aspirational anthem “Star State,” performed live in Nectar’s Lounge in Seattle.

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Coming Soon: Dyme Def Do It Themselves

Not much to add here. Far better to let the three men of Seattle’s Dyme Def speak for themselves, giving one of uncapped’s finest 45 seconds of acappella. Full documentary is on its way.

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Houston and Seattle uncapped MP3s: Trae tha Truth, J-Dawg, Dyme Def and More

Every Monday we’re sharing exclusive tracks from uncapped LIVE artists. This week brings selections from Houston and Seattle, with tracks by Trae tha Truth, bONE, J-Dawg, THEESatisfaction, Dyme Def and Helluvastate. Download: Houston and Seattle … read more »

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Video: Dyme Def, “Tell Em Where You’re From”

Long time Seattle underground favorites Dyme Def weave a handful of classics from the NWA family—”Straight Outta Compton,” “Dopeman” and “Funky Enough“—into a monstrous Sea-town anthem. Hometown pride raps almost always deliver but there’s a … read more »

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