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Premiere: Sébastien Tellier, “Look (Laurel Halo RMX)” MP3

Sébastien Tellier is like the Manchurian Candidate of sex rubdowns—even if you’re not forthcoming about your primal desires he will sing his way into your cortex and do things that [REDACTED]. So duh, his just-released … read more »

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Yazbukey Does Gaga and Lagerfeld

Last season Sebastien Tellier played muse to Yaz and Emel Kurhan, the aristo sisters behind Parisian jewelry line Yazbukey, although this time the designers have gone A-list with their inspiration. Called the “Happy Birthday” collection, … read more »

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Sebastien Tellier, “L’Amour Et La Violence (Floating Points Remix)” MP3

Last year, Sebastien Tellier’s Sexuality ranked #1 in our Top 200 Bone Zone Albums of the Year list, so to receive a remix of this quality of one its tracks almost a year and 10 … read more »

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Sebastien Tellier Plays Muse to Yazbukey

Yaz and Emel Kurhan are the designers behind jewelry line Yazbukey, and the sisters have done an immaculate job of maintaining the label’s cachet for almost 10 years. The latest collection is up on the … read more »

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Video: Sebastien Tellier, “Roche”

We’re working on our annual Icon issue right now and are happy to announce that this year it is Sebastien Tellier! Okay not really, but he is absolutely a personal hero of ours and always … read more »

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Freeload: Sebastien Tellier, “L’Amour Et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix)”

Eventually, you will be able to buy Sebastien Tellier‘s new album Sexuality somewhere that does not sell baby pum pum shorts, and on that day you will enjoy the original “L’Amour Et La Violence” coming … read more »

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FADER TV: Sebastien Tellier Live in NYC + Photo Tour Blog, Part 2

FINALLY! Sebastien Tellier hooks us up with some lewd photos. It took him long enough. JUST KIDDING! Sebastien Tellier=Sex Jams=Kinda Weird Photos=We Are Totally Pleased. That math equation doesn’t make sense, but we don’t even … read more »

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FADER TV: Sebastien Tellier Live In NYC + Photo Tour Blog, Part 1

If you have yet to make yourself familiar with the particularly French and peculiarly seductive Sebastien Tellier, shame on you. Dirty dirty shame on you. He is nine million times more interesting than Carla Bruni … read more »

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Freeload: Sebastien Tellier, “Sexual Sportswear (Donovan Remix)”

JOKES: Record Makers is proud to announce an agreement has been reached with American Apparel, which will make Sexuality available at all American Apparel locations throughout North America in an exclusive pre-release beginning July 22nd … read more »

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Audio: Sebastien Tellier, “Divine (Danger RMX)”

Is that a butt? Two legs? Two arms photoshopped together to look like a butt? More importantly, is that Sebastien Tellier riding across the fleshy mountain on a HORSE while HOLDING A SURFBOARD? And (B), … read more »

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