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Stream: Selebrities, “Temporary Touch”

On June 25th, Cascine will put out Lovely Things, a new album by Brooklyn four-piece Selebrities, and the first single is the sugar-dusted “Temporary Touch.” The song, rendered with tender synths and spry New Wave … read more »

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Stream: Selebrities, “Night Heat”

In a Netflix-enabled world where you can watch nine episodes of Breaking Bad in one weekend, TV theme songs are basically a nuisance, nonessential chatter taunting you to fast-forward. Nobody wants to sit through all … read more »

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Cascine Remixes Work Drugs

Cascine, the little label with some of 2011′s most charming sounds, has entered the new year, hoisting two of their most distinctive artists, Southern Shores and Selebrities, across the calendar gap and into this weird, … read more »

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Stream: Selebrities, “The Monster Mash”

Maybe because people love The Walking Dead and movies like Human Centipede 2 (or because the apocalypse is near), blood, gore and wounds are super in for Halloween 2011. This runs counter to my Halloween … read more »

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Video + MP3: Selebrities, “Can’t Make Up My Mind”

90 percent sure Brooklyn’s Selebrities are just in a garage here, and starting now that’s where we want every debut* video filmed. It feels honest when the first shot is from the front, nothing too … read more »

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