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Day Tripping Through Bali

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Shipley & Halmos’ Christmas Gift Countdown

We’re sending so many smiley-face emoticons to the boys of Shipley & Halmos, who are counting down the days until Christmas with exclusive gifts for sale on their website, including their dog Momo, who’s listed … read more »

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The Best Presents for Dudes

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy … read more »

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Shipley & Halmos’ Brand New Sunglasses

You might think this is a weird time of year to start selling your own sunglasses, but The New York Times says that “winter or summer, hours of bright sunlight can burn the surface of … read more »

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Shipley & Halmos Make a Road Trip Album

Design duo Shipley & Halmos took a road trip recently, zig zagging all over this great land, trying to meet as many of their customers face to face as possible. They’ve documented the faces with … read more »

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Shopped and Scrooged #10: Shipley & Halmos and Philip Crangi Class Ring

Join us as we count down to Winter Gift Day (December 25) with our picks for the best presents to bestow on friends and family and that dude you have to buy something for in … read more »

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Shipley & Halmos’s Sense Of Calm in a World Full of Chaos

Shipley & Halmos‘s Spring 2011 lookbook gives us a visual metaphor we can readily endorse: the right outfit can be a port in the storm and looking sharp can help us hold it together even … read more »

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Studio Time with Shipley & Halmos

If you’re familiar with the new Shipley & Halmos blog Numerous Drawings, then you’ll know the design duo surround themselves with a truckload of marvelous objects. There’s everything from classic collectibles (vintage banana boards) to … read more »

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Shipley & Halmos Are Blogging

Shipley & Halmos are said to have a studio filled with all kinds of unrelated fashion artifacts—old movie posters, random vintage photography—all loosely grouped under the “found object” umbrella. Sam Shipley recently started drawing pictures … read more »

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