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Showroom Visit: Rag & Bone’s Floral Granny Print

Last week, we checked out Rag & Bone’s airy industrial showroom to get an up close and personal look at their snazzy fall/winter 2012 collection. There was plenty of clothing to ogle, of course, but … read more »

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Showroom Visit: London Designers

In an effort to shine light on UK designers this week, The British Fashion Council organized a little tradeshow that brought over some of the best designers from across the pond. And truth be told, … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Wool and the Gang

With knit-it-yourself, at-home kits and organic alpaca wool, you can’t help but imagine that Wool and the Gang would be a brand that serves up crunchy granola hippie clothes. But when we stopped by their … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Billy Reid

A visit to the Billy Reid showroom on Bond Street is like a quick Southern getaway—there’s always Buffalo Trace Bourbon at the bar, warm worn furniture to sit on and, of course, loads and loads … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Tender Co.

William Kroll brought over his clothing line Tender Co. all the way from the UK, packing up everything from combs, to boots, to the carefully silk-screened, cap-sleeved cotton shirts printed with foxes and elephants. Exhibiting … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Omen PR’s Spring Collections

Omen PR has a pretty consistent cadre of clients, with each designer providing a steady stream of solid wardrobe essentials. We’d buy the whole showroom if we could, but for lack of funds, we’ll just … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Arielle de Pinto

Jewelry designer Arielle de Pinto built her reputation on a very sexy, slinky technique of intricately threading metals as though they were soft pieces of cotton, making necklaces from oxidized metals that somehow look as … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Walter Van Beirendonck

Just this week, we published a conversation with Walter Van Beirendonck from our most recent issue. He spoke to us quite sweetly about the weirdness of his designs and his subversion of bodily ideals. But … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Agency V’s Spring Collections

Since opening their New York office, the fashion PR firm Agency V has been a favorite spot for glimpsing the new collections. Entering their space is like walking into the rare books section of a … read more »

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Showroom Visit: Spring Collections at The News

The News recently invited us to their spring preview, a day in autumn in which they show off off everything they’ve got for the upcoming season. We headed down to their massive cast iron showroom … read more »

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