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Live: Christopher Owens at Le Poisson Rouge

It seemed just yesterday all anybody could think about was Rihanna’s much hullabalooed appropriation of an open-sourced internet aesthetic for her recent SNL performance, which brought up so many issues of ownership and authenticity. How … read more »

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Music To Heal By: An Interview With William Fitzsimmons

“Some people make candlesticks, I make people sad as hell,” William Fitzsimmons joked with the audience at his show in Louisville, Ky. He didn’t lie — though his soothing voice will hush a noisy crowd, his dark folk songs are post-divorce and desperate for lost love. Between songs, however, Fitzsimmons is gifted at dry wit and deadpan delivery, a master at using humor to soften the edge of his self-deprecating pleading. read more »

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RIP – Davy Graham 1940-2008

Legendary folk musician — and arguably one England’s best guitarists — Davy Graham passed away on Monday (December 15), he was 68. read more »

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