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Skepta Gazes Deep in Blood Orange’s “High Street” Video

Rappers from the UK tend to betray a wide-eyed awe and respect for pop culture that’s long gone from their excess-driven, hubris-laden American counterparts. It’s warming to hear Skepta recall bopping on the dance floor … read more »

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Video: Newham Generals f. Skepta, “Bag of Grease”

Not sure who said “the game is dying,” but clearly damaging grime vets Newham Generals are breathing well enough to SPIT SEVERAL IF NOT MANY HOT BARS ON THIS SONG, YALL. There’s no way these … read more »

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Stream: Skepta f. Dirty Money, "Hello Good Morning" (Grime Remix) MP3

Listen close kids and learn a lesson: being a Twitter digger can change your life. A few months back some of us who follow Diddy witnessed something that blew our toenails off: the man of … read more »

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Bass Odyssey, Part 47

Yep, like a cat that’s been locked out in the rain overnight for weeing on the new carpet, here I come, crawling back with my tail between my legs after another unnecessarily long hiatus. I’ve … read more »

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Video: Boy Better Know, “Too Many Man”

We thought we’d leave you with this brand new visual gem from grime all-stars Wiley, Skepta, JME, Frisco and Shorty. Okay those last two aren’t really all-stars but they do have stuff to say about … read more »

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Dollars To Pounds: Skepta-cism

I’ve just got back from two weeks in Sicily and much as the combination of Mediterranean sun and extra virgin olive oil is good for the skin, there are only so many Latin-tinged power ballads … read more »

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