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Stream: Bitta Blood f. Skerrit Bwoy, “Talk Bout Dat”

Bitta B‘s a brolic-looking dude who recently relocated from St. Ann, Jamaica to the Bronx. His voice sounds like his buff bod—a menacing Popeye baritone, tough and popping, almost to the point of being cartoonish. … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Daggers a Filet of Salmon

The best thing that could have ever happened in our entertainment/hilarity zone was Skerrit Bwoy and Aziz Ansari meeting. As proof of this non-hypothesis: Skerrit filmed Aziz backstage at one of his NYC shows this … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Talks Up Skerrit Bwoy Pon De Jimmy Kimmel Show

Our worlds got a little smaller the other night when Aziz Ansari—comedian, actor and author of our current issue’s interview with Animal Collective—went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about Diplo—producer, DJ, Twitterer and … read more »

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Video: Major Lazer, “Keep It Goin’ Louder” (Eric Wareheim Version)

It appears the original video for this song from our Summer Music cover stars just wasn’t weird enough, what with all the animated zombies and whatnot. So for round two, Eric Wareheim, who also directed … read more »

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Freeload: Ricky Blaze, “How Mi Look” + “Let It Fall”

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard much new from young Ricky, but apparently that’s just because we were just checking his MySpace page and not the entire Fire Unit/Rolling Stones contingent, which as far as … read more »

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Photo: Skerrit Bwoy Lights Up The Bronx

In our current issue, we ran a profile of Antigua-born, NYC-residing Skerrit Bwoy, a dancer/DJ/party-starting madman whose Domestic Violence style (funnier than it sounds) of whine acrobatics was probably the best thing we’d ever seen … read more »

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