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Video: G-Side f. SLASH, “Came Up”

The magic of light! G-Side get a video for the string-heavy “Came Up,” and it’s their best yet.

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Packers Won the Super Bowl, Slash and Usher Played Halftime, Rick Ross Watched with Diddy, Lil Wayne Probably Still High

Trying to find a silver lining in bedazzled Fergie singing “Sweet Child O Child” with Slash at the Super Bowl is like looking to get drunk on child Tylenol. Maybe possible probably not worth it. … read more »

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Slash Makes Most Compelling Case Yet For Those Vuvuzelas

There are plenty of days we would gladly post Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” with absolutely no context. Oddly, this is not one of those days. The Awl’s Dave Bry just pointed us … read more »


Guitar Center Competition Promises Instant Fame, Limousine Jacuzzi Dips with Slash

Okay, maybe not instant fame and maybe we just made that bit about the jacuzzi up. But the Guitar Center is hosting an unsigned band competition, the winner of which will write, record, and perform … read more »

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Slash Turned Down Huge Sums of Dough for G&R Reunion, Has As Much Fierce Integrity As He Does Hair

NME posted a thought-provoking news bit on Slash this morning. In an interview with GQ, the Curly Haired One explained rather dryly that despite “excessive” offers in the neighborhood of seven or eight figures, he’s … read more »

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Jack White to Slash: Nah.

Argh. read more »

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Velvet Revolver Still Down a Weiland

Aren’t we all. read more »

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