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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” (Balam Acab Remix) MP3

Balam Acab doing his nature electronics thing to Sleep∞Over’s “Romantic Streams” is actually a much more obvious pairing than we could have imagined. It’s a given, at this point, that Balam Acab’s music is going … read more »

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In kindergarten I had a friend named Jill who had super curly hair and a polka dot shirt. We used to play with dominoes all the time. I never saw her again after 1989, when … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Romantic Streams” MP3

There’s a little breakdown about halfway through Sleep ∞ Over‘s immaculate tragi-jam “Romantic Streams.” For a second it sounds like polite applause, but almost immediately the crowd blurs together and spirals down a lonely shower … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Bathsalts” MP3

We’re guessing Sleep ∞ Over’s Stefanie Franciotti appreciates the deep relaxation achieved through a warm soak doused with bathsalts. Or at least she’s familiar enough with the concept to name her super slowed and screwed … read more »

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sleep over laurel halo

Sleep ∞ Over, “Casual Diamond (Laurel Halo Remix)” MP3

What we’re feeling here is a dark, dreamy soundtrack to teenage-hood turned dark, dreamy soundtrack to our current early-twenties city lifestyle. Whereas Sleep ∞ Over’s original version of “Casual Diamond” encompassed those melancholic nights alone … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Casual Diamond” MP3

Sleep ∞ Over, which once was a group of three, for a moment dwindled to one, Ms. Stefanie Franciotti. The loneliest number makes the loneliest songs, sleeping over in your own bedroom by yourself, watching … read more »

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Stream: Boy Friend’s Boy Friend EP

New York kids had to go to school this morning, we really thought it was going to snow more. Really thought we’d be blogging from bed. Maybe not in real life, but this is the … read more »

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Sleep ∞ Over, “Outer Limits” MP3

Recently, one of those embarrassing things that can only happen in the age of social networking happened to us. A friend put up all sorts of old party photos. Most of them involved us or … read more »

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Blackburn Recordings’ Various Deficiencies Comp v. 1 MP3

If you’re famished for Spector-ian fuzz, overdriven guitar whorls and all morsels of lo-fi, you should probably download this immediately (after you crank your levels into the red so you can hear its low tones … read more »

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