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Watch Solar Bears’ Supermigration Film

From the sounds of this song medley, Dublin electronic duo Solar Bears went for something big and dramatic with their upcoming Supermigration LP. As with their 2010 debut, John Kowalski and Rian Trench keep things … read more »

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Stream: Solar Bears, “Cosmic Runner”

Not sure what it is, but there’s an intense organic warmth to everything Solar Bears makes. It’s a pretty common sentiment to refer to electronic music as “warm” or “organic,” but it really applies for … read more »

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How to Dress Well, “Suicide Dream 3″ (Solar Bears Remix) MP3

Normally, when we think of How to Dress Well, we think of intimate moments, hushed warmth that feels so organic and personal. Maybe to mess with our expectations or maybe just because they felt like … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Solar Bears

Solar Bears are so awesome that I’m going to cheat this week and drag Dollars to Pounds across the UK’s only land border into Ireland. For one week only this is Dollars To Euros. John … read more »

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