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Stream: Solar Year, “Seeing the Same”

Montreal’s Solar Year will reissue a revamped, remastered version of their debut album, Waverly, on June 25th via Ceremony. “Seeing the Same” is the last track we’ll hear till then, its synths sounding something like … read more »

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Family Tree: Six Degrees of Grimes

Grimes lives out of a suitcase most days of the year, but being one of the most talked-about artists in music also makes you a full-time ambassador for your home town. Across musical collaborations with … read more »

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Video: Solar Year, “Magic Idea”

Consistently incredible video director Jamie Harley pulls a classic trick in his Dummy-premiered take on Solar Year’s “Magic Idea,” juxtaposing the Montreal duo’s slurpy, soft sonics with slo-mo shots of enamored fans at another band’s … read more »

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Stream: Solar Year, “Night & Day”

After handing in a haunting four-part FADER mix last month, Montreal production duo and musical bathers Solar Year turned their sights to a proper release, dropping the debut 7-inch this week of No Fear of … read more »

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Download Solar Year’s FADER Mix

Montreal electronic duo Solar Year first caught our eye with this cool video of the release party for their debut album, Waverly, where they piped the music underwater in a big pool and DJed beside … read more »

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