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SOPHIE’s New Song “LEMONADE” Has Sugar Crash Written All over It

A sharp, sugary tang. The rush of bubbles up the nose. That fizzy feeling. “LEMONADE” is the first new song we’ve heard from UK producer SOPHIE since last year’s universally praised “BIPP” and “ELLE,” and … read more »

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You’re Too Cute: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SOPHIE, PC Music and the Aesthetic of Excess

The 21st century’s obsession with cute unites the mainstream and the underground—but what’s behind it? SOPHIE—the dapper, strawberry-topped producer from London who makes avant-electronica for androids, dripping with the city’s garage and grime influences—is writing … read more »

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Stream: SOPHIE, “BIPP” and “ELLE”

Looking back from the halfway point, a lot of the touchstone sounds of 2013 have been pretty out-there takes on electronic music from names that were already huge—Kanye West, The Knife, Jai Paul. SOPHIE’s profile … read more »

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Stream: SOPHIE, “Nothing More to Say” and “EEEHHH”

Here are some Mario Kart beats for a real life Rainbow Road, courtesy of SOPHIE, a mysterious but not totally mysterious London producer who has been bubbling up slowly for some time, remixing Light Asylum … read more »

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