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Christian Joy Has New Dresses Fit for Spring

Christian Joy, inspired by the 1920s lady of the night Kiki De Montparnasse and the striking textile designs of Sonia Delaunay, has just released a line of new dresses for spring. Simple in silhouette yet … read more »

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Mara Hoffman’s Bikinis Have Domestic Inspiration

Even though Mara Hoffman‘s latest bikinis are itsy-bitsy, their inspiration comes from large muraled patterns painted on the sides of homes in South African and Zimbabwe. The Ndebele people adorn their houses with beautiful, geometric … read more »

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Ratatat Goes Bananas for Prada’s New Campaign

Prada‘s spring collection is the gift that keeps on giving. We looooooooved the monkey prints and frumpy shoulders when we saw them back in September, and now we love the collection even more in motion … read more »

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Ben Sherman Gets Started On Spring

Last week in New York we were formally introduced to thirty degree weather. Ear muffs, gloves, and scarves have been pulled out and layered with our puffy winter coats. The anticipation and warmth of spring … read more »

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Kenzo’s 40th Anniversary Collectibles

Like some high fashion, bizarro world version of the American Girl doll store, Kenzo‘s unleashed a crazy assortment of looks, one for every type of girl, to celebrate its 40th year on the runway. Shown … read more »

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First Look: Prada Spring 2011

The parade of white that we’ve seen thus far from the spring collections doesn’t leave much hope for the awkward, clumsier folks (us!) who spill coffee and chocolate ice cream on their outfits. Ivory just … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: George McCracken, Spring 2011

Torrential downpours did not stop George McCracken‘s Spring 2011 presentation at the Thompson L.E.S. on Thursday. The models acted like decorative borders around the pool, and three guys stood floating on top of the water … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: J. Sabatino’s Spring 2011 Collection

J. Sabatino is pretty new to New York’s fashion week, but his attitude is successfully decades old. He’s got a swagger that seems more 1970s than 2010s and a nonchalance that’s sorely needed in a … read more »

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New York Fashion Week, in Photos

Fashion Week has a way of inspiring extra plumage from its already polished devotees. Everyone spreads their wings a bit wider and stretches themselves a bit taller, stomping and picking around Lincoln Center and Milk … read more »

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New York Fashion Week: 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2011

Earlier today, the Park Avenue Armory was set up more like an abandoned warehouse than a fashion week event, a dark and foreboding spot for a spring collection from normally sunny 3.1 Phillip Lim. But … read more »

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