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Buy Spring Breakers Clothes at Opening Ceremony

Spring Breakers costume designer Heidi Bivens, interviewed in our last issue, has designed a capsule collection of “warped” souvenir shop clothes and accessories based on the movie, to launch at Opening Ceremony this Friday, March … read more »

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Spring Breakers Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Explains How to Style a Harmony Korine Movie

A year ago, Riff Raff claimed that James Franco would be playing him in a movie. He was talking about Harmony Korine‚Äôs Spring Breakers, and his boast proved to be partially true, at least to … read more »

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Watch the Trailer for Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers

There’s finally an official trailer for Spring Breakers, the upcoming Harmony Korine movie we first heard about last year, when Riff Raff took credit for inspring James Franco’s character Alien, a white rapper with cornrows, … read more »

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