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New Dr Dog: "Stranger"

Nearly three years ago, in an interview for The FADER that’s all but disappeared from the surface of the Internet, I did an interview with Dr. Dog at Bonnaroo. If memory serves, there was talk … read more »

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Do It Again: Boston Globe's Geoff Edgers' Quest To Reunite The Kinks

Last May, Boston Globe staff writer Geoff Edgers decided he was going to try and reunite the brilliant but (in his opinion) under-appreciated band, the Kinks. He decided to make a documentary about the quest and along the way scored choice encounters with fellow Kinks fans named Paul McCartney, Sting, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Weller, Brian Wilson, Robyn Hitchcock and Clive Davis. read more »

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The Forty Sexiest Frontmen In Rock History

In March, the editors over at Nerve posted their picks for the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History, and after receiving a bit of flack for their picks, the editors have struck again; only this time (more importantly) with the Forty Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"

Here is an interesting question concerning your perception of the world and history: Do you consider The Jackson 5 to be part of Michael Jackson‘s career? That is to say when you think of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, do you put “ABC” in the mix along with “Beat It” and “Rock With You”? read more »

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Video: Vybz Kartel, “Don’t Run (Last Man Standing)”

When Mavado made his abrupt exit following a heavily anticipated clash with Vybz Kartel at last month’s Sting festival, there’s no way he could have foreseen the CGI wizardy that it would go on to … read more »

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