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Studio Time: Blood Diamonds and Dominic Lord

After sending beat and lyric ideas back and forth online, Harlem rapper Dominic Lord and producer Blood Diamonds met for the very first time at New York’s KMA studios, where they worked together on a … read more »

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Studio Time: Michael Uzowuru and Vince Staples

Late last year, rapper Vince Staples and producer Michael Uzowuru teamed up to release the Winter in Prague mixtape. Theirs is a seamless partnership, one they are perfecting through hours of time in the studio. … read more »

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Studio Time: Charli XCX

London’s Charli XCX visited the west coast this spring to spend some time in the studio with “Climax” producer Ariel Rechtshaid, eat double cheeseburgers and prep her new EP You’re The One, out June 12th … read more »

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Studio Time: The Jewels of New York

Chef, food stylist and designer Diana Yen runs The Jewels of New York out of her Soho studio, where she conceives recipes and styling ideas for a range of magazines, companies and events. She also … read more »

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Studio Time: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights’ 936 is a gorgeously relaxing album, filled with deep layers of dub and ghostly vocals. It’s an album that we couldn’t stop coming back to this year, and although it wasn’t our introduction … read more »

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Studio Time: Benny Blanco

We visited Benny Blanco at BMI’s Building-the-Beat workshop, where he spoke with upcoming producers, giving tutelage. Thing is, Benny’s pretty young himself, having been a pretty much teen phenomenon, working with folks like Spank Rock … read more »

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Studio Time With L-Vis 1990

Remember that September afternoon when all of a sudden the skies thundered and a Tornado rolled through Brooklyn like it was NBD? Well that very same afternoon, L-Vis 1990 was in the studio with co-producer … read more »

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Studio Time With Blondes

When Zach and Sam of Blondes fame welcomed us into their Bushwick studio a few weeks back, we weren’t necessarily expecting all the awesomeness that ensued. After talking to us a little bit about their … read more »

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Studio Time With Chromeo

They hadn’t even recorded all the vocals yet, but Chromeo cronies Dave and P let us come through the Brooklyn studio where they were working on their forthcoming album, Business Casual. We nerded out over … read more »

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Studio Time With Jessica 6

After touring as members of Hercules and Love Affair, Andrew Raposo, Morgan Wiley and Nomi Ruiz realized they loved each other and started their own band, Jessica 6. Raposo and Wiley are longtime collaborators, and … read more »

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