Stylee Fridays: Introducing Carla Fernandez Mexico City Style

A couple of season ago, Jean Paul Gaultier created an entire collection around the Moctezuma, after seeing an exhibit on the Aztec emperor in London. And while Gaultier did dazzle the crowd with his master … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Q&A With Aimee Farrell of Twin Magazine

Twin is not a magazine about twins, but it is a style publication built on the twin passions of Rebbecca Smith, formerly of Lula Magazine, and British Vogue Junior Features Associate, Aimee Farrell. Twin celebrated … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Introducing Manhes & Massun Mexico City Style

In lieu of a studio visit, Isabelle Manhes and Sophie Massun of Manhes & Massun invited us for a private viewing of fall 2010 at home last week. The house itself is an absolute masterpiece … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: I Dream of Wires

Earlier this year Marina and the Diamonds performed at the Levis® FADER Fort wearing a pair of overalls splattered with smiling Mikeys. The dungarees were a one-of-a-kind creation by London design duo, I Dream of … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Natalie Wood of Something Else

As a cosmically inclined designer, Natalie Wood is most certainly a lady after our own hearts. We first spoke to the Aussie designer back in the summer of 2007 about the psychedelic prints she creates … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Green Talk with Per Sivertsen of Fin

We met with Per Sivertsen, the head designer of Oslo-based women’s wear label Fin last week at the W29 Showroom. The Norwegian label has made it their mission to work exclusively with organic and sustainable … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: The Nigel Cabourn Archive

Designer Nigel Cabourn is the oracle when it comes to military clothing, and his sprawling sartorial wisdom has been an ongoing obsession of ours for many years. Unlike other army nerds and Americana fanatics (Engineered … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: We Want Miles

Piecing together photographs, handwritten scores and biographical musings, We Want Miles (Rizzoli) breaks down the essence of the jazz supremo Miles Davis by charting the seven most important phases in his life. As trite and … read more »


Stylee Fridays: Annie Larson Makes Knits as Sweet as Candy

The story behind Annie Larson and her new line of knitwear starts with a packet of colorfully patterned stickers found in a local thrift store. Covered in stripes, checkerboards and triangular shapes, the original prints … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Key City Makes Vintage Ralph Lauren New

Graphic designer Sam Gold has a healthy obsession with vintage men’s sportswear and sources some of the best classic ’90s Ralph we’ve seen in a minute. There are plaid button-downs with denim collars, Ralph teddies, … read more »

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