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Spencer Krug Was in a Ska Band Once

In a recent radio interview with local radio personality Narduwar, Frog Eyes‘ Carey Mercer talked at length about his home province of British Columbia. He also discussed very briefly, at Narduwar’s urging, Swan Lake bandmate … read more »

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Duh, Sunset Rubdown Inspired Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter

Much like they’ve inspired many, many fever dreams of mine. In the above interview with CBS News, director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp break down their time as weirdos, friends, parents and dudes with record … read more »

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Spencer Krug Works More Than Our Dad

It’s a sensitive subject. read more »

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Sunset Rubdown – Black Swan

“Black Swan” straight from their Jagjaguwar release, Dragonslayer. Video directed by Throneboogie. This video is epic and awesome and wins the ‘Best usage of the itunes visualizer since 2004′ award.

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Elfin Saddle Announces New Album, Tours With Sunset Rubdown

The Montreal-based Elfin Saddle is prepping to release the follow-up to last year’s Gigantic Mother/Wounded Child in May, and will be following up the record release with a North American tour with Sunset Rubdown. read more »