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In Portland With: Music Fest NW

Music Fest NW is the perfect way to learn Portland. For five nights, bands from the fest’s insane lineup perform in venues spread across town, the city quickly becoming a seamless blend of cabs, lines … read more »

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Live: Portland’s Music Fest Northwest

In a couple key ways, if you’ve been to one music festival, you’ve basically been to most of them. I don’t say that in a disparaging way, more just to point out that at these … read more »

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Music Lessons: Seven Artists Share Their Wisdom

Whether it’s psychedelic drugs, Bowie or Burt Reynolds, musicians are influenced and inspired by the world at large. We talked to seven artists about their greatest musical lessons—things they’ve learned either through experience or from … read more »

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Upstate With: Swans

Like all their records, Swans’ deep, dark new LP The Seer (out today) sounds fit for a decayed, gargoyle-ridden church in a blighted city. But when we visited their upstate New York rehearsal space, we … read more »

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Swans, “The Apostate” MP3

Since Michael Gira resurrected his decades-old project Swans in 2010 and started putting out records and playing shows again, it seems like every release ups the ante on how brutal the band can sound, as … read more »

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Highlights From All Tomorrow’s Parties

It is impossible not to mentally conjure Bruce Springsteen when in Asbury Park. Like Straford-upon-Avon exists only to hold the legend of Shakespeare, and East Egg as a town has myth just because of The … read more »

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The FADER Issue 70 Podcast MP3

Man, do we have a John Boehner (no Tea Party) for our FADER 70 podcast. It’s a grimy one, reading cover to cover, staring with Yelawolf and ending with Trash Talk. In between, we’ve got … read more »

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Band Practice With Swans

Last month, before FADER Issue 70 hit stands, we had the privilege of meeting one of America’s greatest bands at its rehearsal space in Brooklyn, just before going on tour. Michael Gira of Swans, along … read more »

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GEN F: Swans

After a hard-fought three-year writer’s block, Michael Gira thanks Jesus that he finally got some songs out. Since moving to the country and becoming a father, “It’s like hacking away at a rock cliff with … read more »

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Stream: Swans’ Album My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

After hearing Michael Gira‘s work as Angels of Light for the past however many years, it’s a shock to hear him back at it with Swans again. Swans being the band that made a habit … read more »

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