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Freak Scene #60: It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns says farewell (for now), demystifies the Summer of Suck and discusses new releases from Pop. 1280, Hot Guts, Cacaw and Nu Sensae. Check it after the jump.

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Winter Hours

While Winter Hours is staunchly abrasive, if you listen closely, there are definite filigrees of melody throughout. Little sonic oases like “The Great Silence” offer small periods of respite with clean guitar and more atmospheric tones, but this is not a record for the faint of heart. Winter Hours is definitely not going to be the soundtrack for your next holiday gathering. read more »

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Best Singles Of 2008, #9 – Xiu Xiu Featuring Michael Gira "Under Pressure"

Xiu Xiu are no strangers to strange cover versions, but they set their sights seemingly unreasonably high by taking on a song pretty much universally liked. Much more surprising, they pulled it off. The original was always about an interplay of voices, and here the effect is even more pronounced, balancing Jamie Stewart’s expressive quaver against Michael Gira‘s (of Swans) staid resonance, and Caralee McEllroy’s ringing clarity. And with a couple brief free sax solos worked into the perfect balance of pop and experimentation. –Nate Dorr read more »

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