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New Beyonce Arrives Prematurely: “Girls (Who Run the World)” MP3

If/since Beyonce can do anything, could she return with better than an attempt to mainstream Diplo and Switch‘s experimental dance/humper freakout “Pon De Floor” ? She did it with their blessing—the Major Lazer boys re-tailored … read more »

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alex clare

Video: Alex Clare, “Too Close” (Produced by Diplo and Switch)

The most thumbs-upped comment on Alex Clare‘s latest, produced again by Diplo and Switch, puts the pause on Clare’s lyric, But there’s something inside that I need to release. But the second most popular comment … read more »

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Video: Alex Clare, “Up All Night”

Diplo and Switch produced this first single by British singer Alex Clare—as we said when posted the stream last month—and it has the feel of a serious follow through of their punk desires teased with … read more »

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Stream: Alex Clare, “Up All Night” (Produced by Diplo & Switch)

The Major Lazer cronies put some serious Major Lazerness on Alex Clare’s windswept vocals—beefy Nirvana style guitars with a hint of surf, thin sirens and a little bit of dembow in the beat. That said, … read more »

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Stream: Major Lazer’s Lazers Never Die EP

One year after Diplo and Switch released their Major Lazer collaboration, Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do, they have a followup EP of creatine enhanced dancehall, featuring MIA, Busy Signal and, why not, a remix from … read more »

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The Big Pink, “Dominos” (Switch Remix) MP3

Switch is a quiet dude to make such a racket. He records mostly in his in-house studio in LA, doesn’t like to play shows and generally is happy to have nothing to do with the … read more »

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Major Lazer f. Ricky Blaze & Nina Sky, “Keep It Goin’ Louder (Diplo Remix)” MP3

There is no doubt Diplo will one day just remix remixes of remixes of his own songs until he has to just release shit and name it “Diplo” to keep from breaking the internet. And … read more »

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Stream: Crookers f. Kelis, “No Security”

What with the epic “Scars” with Basement Jaxx and this sparkly dubstep joint from our Milano party brethren Crookers, we’re impressed by Kelis‘ sudden ubiquity, having just popped a kid and gotten divorced and all. … read more »

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Major Lazer f. Prince Zimboo & MIA, “Baby (Switch RMX)” MP3

This track is a short, powerful burst of autotune baby, sparse rhythm and Prince Zimboo’s “heh” as a counter-rhythm, which sounds awesome, though not sure we really needed to hear him talking about breast milk … read more »

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Mpho Doubleheader

UK-via-South Africa singer Mpho covers Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” plus her video for the Switch produced “Box N Locks.” read more »

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