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Gatekeeper Press Shot

Interview: Gatekeeper

Last week Hippos in Tanks released Brooklyn-via-Chicago duo Gatekeeper’s insane debut LP, Exo, a sharp and immersive album that the music equivalent of electrified blood and Ridley Scott’s view of the early 22nd century, if … read more »

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Video Directors to Watch

Four video directors who will adjust your eyeballs.JACQUELINE CASTEL Location: Brooklyn, NY Big break: Burning down the sets in Blank Dogs’ video for “Setting Fire to Your House” and plunging Zola Jesus through a mirror … read more »

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Video: Fatima Al Qadiri, “Vatican Vibes”

You know how, when you watch the trailer for like every comic book movie ever, it’s always got some scene with serious looking dudes walking determinedly through metal bunkers with hissing doors, moving holographic touchscreens … read more »

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