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Video: Tame Impala’s Modular Studio Sessions

You can’t really tell, but this video was shot in the basement of The Norfolk, a hotel/pub that was home to some of Tame Impala’s earliest shows and is now a regular rehearsal space for … read more »

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Video: Tame Impala, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

One of my favorite things about Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is how there’s a little stutter of bass at the beginning that simulates a record skipping without any of the harsh … read more »

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Download The FADER #82 Podcast

We supplement every issue of The FADER with a podcast showcasing jams from the magazine’s featured artists, and this time, for a special global-themed issue, we scoured the globe to find them. Hear Moroccan expat … read more »

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Footnotes: Tame Impala

Footnotes is the section in our magazine where we take a deeper look at the music surrounding our feature artists. Read Sam Hockley-Smith’s cover story on Tame Impala and the rock scene in Perth from … read more »

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Interview: Tame Impala

A few months before the release of Lonerism, Tame Impala came through the US for a short stint to get in the touring state of mind. We had them stop by The FADER office to … read more »

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Tame Impala: Middle of Nowhere

Tame Impala’s desolation rock crosses over. One way to understand Perth is to read hometown hero Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, an earthy novel about two families that occupy a great, creaky house in the city during … read more »

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Stream: Tame Impala, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

When I went to Fremantle, Western Australia to write about Tame Impala for this issue’s cover story, I was tired constantly. Flying almost thirty hours will do that to you. One evening, while the band … read more »

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By The Numbers: Tame Impala’s Lonerism

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we take on Tame Impala’s psychedelic epic Lonerism, chronicled in Sam Hockley-Smith’s cover story for … read more »

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Four years ago my friend Kevin and I went on a trip to La Paz, the capital city of Baja Del Sur, Mexico. It’s difficult to get there direct, so we flew into Los Cabos … read more »

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Stream Tame Impala’s Album Lonerism

Perth, Australia pysch rock luminaries Tame Impala drop their sophomore album, Lonerism, next week. Stream the entire record now, via NPR, and stayed tuned for Sam Hockley-Smith’s FADER #82 Tame Impala cover story, coming next … read more »

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