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Video: Tanlines, “All of Me”

Director Julian Barratt, of British comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh, mixes comedy and horror in the new Tanlines video for “All of Me,” featuring a camp meeting of sedate, almost-dancing people in suits. It’s an … read more »

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GEN F: Tanlines

Like any good, self-respecting team, Tanlines has a mascot. It may be little more than a disembodied emoticon—a circle inscribing some confused punctuation, affectionately dubbed “winky sad”—but it pretty much sums up the band’s collective … read more »

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Stream Tanlines’ Album Mixed Emotions

Tanlines’ Mixed Emotions is an office favorite, teetering between spring and summer jam, teenage fun and thirtysomething responsibility, punk and trance. The band’s not quite a yin-yang because there’s not often a majority muddled by … read more »

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FADER F78 Issue Release Party

Photos: FADER #78 Release Party Starring Andrew Kuo and Tanlines

To celebrate the release of FADER #78, our Spring Style issue, we posted up in the basement at Santos Party House with the usual cases of cool Budweisers and vitaminwater chasers, stacks of mags, and, … read more »

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Tanlines, “All of Me” MP3

Tanlines’ forthcoming LP Mixed Emotions will be out on March 20th, and on that day we will likely be playing this and this loud WITH CAPS LOCK EMOTIONS. Preorder the album over at True Panther … read more »

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Video: Tanlines, “Brothers”

As you’ll immediately realize, the big thing with this Weird Days-directed video is that it is interactive. While watching Tanlines play in a room, you can also rotate the camera in a complete circle to … read more »

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What We’re Reading: Tanlines

Tired of reading the same recommended books from the usual sources? Just think of our weekly What We’re Reading column as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite bands. For … read more »

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Tanlines Glossy

Tanlines, “Brothers” MP3

For their first full length, appropriately titled Mixed Emotions, Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen of Tanlines are largely expanding on the sounds sketched out on their 2010 EP, Settings, but they seem better committed to … read more »

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Fashion’s Night Out: The Set List

Today, September 8th, the storm that is Fashion’s Night Out hits New York. With over a thousand stores participating this year and diehard shoppers swarming the streets, shit is bound to get a little crazy. … read more »

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Stream: Tanlines’ Volume On

Living in Europe is a double edged sword. Free health care, good child care, ample vacation, assorted cultures, Ryanair, etc. But then there is the whole super high taxes and having to import music from … read more »

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