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Gucci Goth’s Supersonic IIII Mix MP3

Gucci Goth has a self-explanatory sound. There are nine tracks on their Supersonic IIII mixtape, we would’ve listened solely for at least six of them. Unsurprisingly, House of Ladosha’s Cokeola delivers the metaphorical babality: I’m … read more »

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L_A_N Magazine Sees The Future

The last time I saw Veronica So she was dripping green techno-slime in the video for her band Teeth‘s zero cool multicast See Spaces. It was a big look, and maybe that wild style was … read more »

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Video Premiere: Teeth, “See Spaces”

Do they get You Can’t Do that On Television in the UK? Because the whole video for Teeth‘s new single consists of singer Veronica So getting techno-slimed as though her lyrics consist of I don’t … read more »

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