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ATP NY 2010 To Resemble The Best Jim Jarmusch Soundtrack You've Never Heard

We were delighted to hear about Pavement curating the upcoming All Tomorrow’s Parties in Minehill, England in May. Now we are even more delighted to hear who is going to do the honors at the … read more »

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Tripwire Video Premiere: The Breeders, "Cannonball"

Kim and Kelley deal are two of the hottest babes in the history of indie rock. If you threw a house party back in the 90′s and they showed up, they would probably just spend … read more »

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The Breeders Announce August Tour

Breeders gettin’ busy. read more »


New Music Thursdays – The Splinters

They list as their influences bands from an amalgam of genres and musical spectrums, but when you hear The Splinters play, it all makes sense. They are Sonic Youth meets The Shangri-Las, The Breeders meet The Evens. They are Ashley, Caroline, Lauren and Courtney. They are from Berkeley. And they’d like to rock for you. read more »

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