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Video: The Count & Sinden f. Bashy, “Addicted to You”

Just accidentally watched three trailers in a row for upcoming mumblecore films and almost barfed a little. Then watched this Count & Sinden video, which has a scene that’s inevitably in all three (and every … read more »

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Premiere: The Count & Sinden, “Addicted to You (Lone RMX)” MP3

The Count & Sinden‘s next single, “Addicted to You,” is autotuned, emotional house featuring Bashy’s melodic jawing, and it’s perfectly spit shone for swanky dance clubs in Kingston or Los Angeles. But Lone‘s revamped it … read more »

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The Count & Sinden’s Essential Mix MP3

For their album, Mega Mega Mega (out today), The Count & Sinden blended a petri dish of versatile styles, from cumbia to dancehall to their own homegrown UK funky. As a primer for that madness … read more »

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Stream: The Count & Sinden’s Massive New Album

Last year British beat superstars The Count & Sinden had clubs worldwide screaming “MEGA! MEGA! MEGA!” in a robot voice like we were all about to storm Castle Greyskull, so it’s appropriate they named their … read more »

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Video: The Count & Sinden f. Mystery Jets, “After Dark”

English people: Aren’t they great? Here are four examples. The Count & Sinden and Will and Kai from Mystery Jets playing in a fake band together in a fake TV show with weird fake people … read more »

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The Count & Sinden, “Strange Things (Melé RMX)” MP3

Merseyside, England’s Melé is the latest signee to Sinden’s new label, Grizzly. He is also 17 years old and has been producing for four years. Are we missing something here, maybe a chip that should … read more »

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The ABSOLUT FADER Visionary Podcast #6 — Exceptional

The sixth and final installment of the Visionary Podcast series, curated by The FADER and presented by ABSOLUT as part of our ongoing efforts to advance and advocate the art and music we love, is … read more »

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Interview: Sinden

Graeme Sinden, UK producer and bass-assaulting DJ, relentlessly surfaces regional electronic music and innovative tunes from every continent on his weekly KISS FM radio show, and continues to raise the standard for musical discovery in … read more »

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