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Daily Inspiration: The Cure Is for Life, Not Just for World Goth Day

Context is everything but out-of-context is even better. I heard Actress drop The Cure’s “A Forest” in the middle of his techno set at a warehouse party in Peckham a couple of years ago and … read more »

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Stream: Crystal Castles f. Robert Smith, “Not in Love”

This is cheesy. Not gonna lie. But that’s okay! It’s exactly as it should be. Robert Smith singing about not being in love over towering synths and Ibiza thump. It’s like Crystal Castles got together … read more »

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Alice In Wonderland Soundtrack To Mirror Our Favorite 7th Grade Playlist

When Lewis Carroll’s Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she landed in a fantasy world filled with curious and peculiar creatures. When we landed in middle school, the boys seemed to shrink and we got … read more »

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Coachella 2009 – Sunday Photos

Featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine, Devendra Banhart, The Cure, Lykke Li, Antony and the Johnsons and Peter Bjorn and John. read more »

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Flashback Friday Video – The Shins "New Slang"

Since we just told you about The Shins parting ways with their long time record label Sub Pop… possibly forever, we deemed it only necessary to bring you back to the fresh young days of The Shins’ success when Oh, Inverted World was just a newly released record from a few New Mexico-born Indie-rock hopefuls, and “New Slang” was just some song Natalie Portman made Zach Braff listen to in that movie Garden State. read more »

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New Music Thursday – Queens Club

Sometimes, when the clouds part, the seas grow calm and beasts large and small live together in harmony, a band that covets their influences and shapes said influences into something all their own comes along. That band in this case is Kansas City, Missouri’s, Queens Club. read more »

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Blur And Libertines Talk Reunions, Robert Smith In The Running For Mighty Boosh Film + More From The NME Shockwave Awards

Noel Fielding wants Robert Smith to guest star in the upcoming Mighty Boosh film, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon shared the stage for the first time in a decade and Pete Doherty said he has ways of convincing Carl Barat to reunite The Libertines. Yes, it was all going down at the NME Shockwave awards. But, honestly — can you expect any less from a program that sends its winners home with a giant bronzed middle finger? read more »

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Flashback Friday Video – The Cure "Jumping Someone Else's Train"

We thought since The Cure was just announced to headline (again) the final day of Coachella 2009, we should take you back to a time when Robert Smith still had asexual appeal. read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – The Cure "Untitled"

I get angry music. I understand it. You scream, you yell. You’re pissed and you wanna have something to get you even more angry. But depressing music doesn’t depress me. “Untitled” is a quintessential example of my misguided joy in a supposedly dreary song. My wife is the resisdent Cure expert of our house, and I was delighted to tell her how I was lost in the world of this closing track of “Disintegration”. But as we discussed the song, I let it slip that “Untitled” made me feel good, and she slammed the breaks. “You feel good listening to this? It’s a Cure song.” read more »

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Freeload: Thursday Doesn’t Even Start (Until You Listen To Some Cure Covers)

The Cure’s 13th album is out this September, and the eyeliner kings have devised a marketing campaign to release a new single on the 13th of each month until the record drops; a video just … read more »

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