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Staff Selects: Wu Lyf and the End of Brodom

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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RIP Pete Quaife

Former Kinks bassist Pete Quaife died today at the age of 66. Quaife, who had long battled kidney-related issues, played with the band in its first five years before leaving in 1969. Among many other … read more »

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The Kinks Present Your Friendly Weekend Holiday Reminder

Sunday is not Christmas. It is Father’s Day, though. Our dad loves him some Kinks. Don’t forget, kids. Cheers!


Kinks' Ray Davies Tours To Support Overly Ambitous Album

In a good way read more »

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Do It Again: Boston Globe's Geoff Edgers' Quest To Reunite The Kinks

Last May, Boston Globe staff writer Geoff Edgers decided he was going to try and reunite the brilliant but (in his opinion) under-appreciated band, the Kinks. He decided to make a documentary about the quest and along the way scored choice encounters with fellow Kinks fans named Paul McCartney, Sting, Zooey Deschanel, Paul Weller, Brian Wilson, Robyn Hitchcock and Clive Davis. read more »

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The Singles Collection – Teenage Lovers, City Center, Jeffrey Novak

It’s Easter week and we’re back to business as usual ’round here at The Singles Collection. Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s video sojourn into the realm of Sacred Bones, one of our favorite labels, but it’s back to doing what we love around here, mainly, giving you the scoop on 45′s that are currently rocking our world (and that we think will rock yours). So without further adieu — and so we can all get to our Cadbury Creme Eggs as quickly as possible — let’s get to it. read more »

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And Girls Club

With the time change and sunshine fast approaching and the prospect of long afternoons on the lawn running into late nights at the local dive becoming more feasible, The Strange Boys arrive just in time to offer up a nice little soundtrack to your inevitably hazy Spring. read more »

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200 Million Thousand

As the number of imitators grow, and In The Red starts to become relevant on a level beyond the Goner record shop, the Black Lips still stay ahead of the pack just enough to wave a collective finger at those trying to catch up. It’s as if they’re saying to the music world, “yeah, you’re doing what we did on our last record, here’s what you’ll be doing on your next one.” read more »

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Ad Age Lists Top Ten Songs Used In Commercials

Think your favorite artist is “selling out” when he sells his or her song to an ad on TV? Well, that’s Ad Age‘s bread and butter your messin’ with, so sit back, take the chip off your shoulder and watch what they consider the top 10 song-meets-product commercials of 2008. read more »

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