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Tabbi Boney Postcard From Abroad Mixtape

Premiere: Tabi Bonney’s Postcard From Abroad Mixtape

Tabi Bonney seems like the kind of dude who doesn’t really get phased by anything. We’re basing this pretty much only on his rap style, and not actually any moment when we saw him be … read more »

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Stream: Olof Dreijer of The Knife’s Darwin Like Variation on Different Vocal Expression and Styles Mix

What’s awesome about this is, despite the title’s claim to exploration, it’s four songs by legendary goth diva Diamanda Galas and then one by composer Meredith Monk, you know, to mix up the darkness with … read more »

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If You Love Swedish Pop, This is Your New Homepage

Some of us (no need to name names) are mildly obsessed with Swedes and their music, specifically the incredible incubator that is Gothenburg, home to The Tough Alliance, jj, Air France, The Embassy, Love Is … read more »

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Stream The Knife's Opera Score That Ruins Any Shot They Had at Playing Conservative Junior High Science Classes

We have a lot of creative whims. Unfortunately, we’re not a critically revered electro-pop duo with an alarming musical capacity. It’s possible this is why The Knife are off writing the music for operas based … read more »

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Listen to The Knife’s New Album Tomorrow In A Year

The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson kept everyone engaged with the Swedish duo last year with her Fever Ray solo album, but still somehow it didn’t seem enough. So when we first heard about The Knife’s … read more »

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The Knife f. Mt Sims & Planningtorock, “Colouring of Pigeons” MP3

Not in a million years would we have guessed The Knife would collaborate with electroclash frontiersman Mt Sims, but then again, this song comes from a Danish opera about Darwin, so why not? “Colouring of … read more »

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Video: Fever Ray, “Stranger Than Kindness”

New weird video by Fever Ray—no surprise—but it is worth noting that Vanity Fair, who premiered it, finishes their accompanying blog post with “You. Hear It. First, muthafuggaz!!” which has to be some kind of … read more »

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Video: Fever Ray, “Triangle Walks”

This Fever Ray album has been producing some of the spookiest, most arcane best-best videos. For “Triangle Walks,” your girl is made up as a creepy ghoul, possibly a dead zombie, and we would not … read more »

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Röyksopp Featuring Robyn – "The Girl & The Robot"

Domestic life with artificial intelligence and a white bed dominate the screen for Röyksopp’s new single “The Girl & The Robot,” which also stars Swedish singer Robyn. read more »

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Fever Ray Is Coming To America (And Canada)

We’ve been waiting for this since she told us she would come here, but now it’s official: Our favorite un-masked Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson — aka Fever Ray — will bring her solo project to North America for the first time this fall, with a small run of dates. read more »