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Tent Posts: Interview with Isis

Isis are entering a heavy, full circle summer this year. After 13 years as a band, they’ll be playing their last show in Montreal on June 23—the city in which they played their first show—and … read more »


Tent Posts: Bonnaroo, Day 3

There’s no question that Bonnaroo festival-goers wear a costume of tie-dye, patchwork, and patchouli like we imagined they would, but contrastingly, the acts are actually pretty diverse. There’s no genre—more than any other festival, it … read more »

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Will Metallica’s Induction Into The Rock Hall Of Fame Open Doors For Other Metal Acts?

Metallica‘s inclusion, though absolutely deserving in every conceivable way, poses a wider question to my ever curious mind: Will the inclusion of now two “metal” acts, (Black Sabbath being the other) clear the way for other metal and proto-metal acts? read more »

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Metal Supergroup Shrinebuilder To Enter And Report Live From Studio

Yesterday we received a cryptic e-mail from a friend stating that Shrinebuilder will enter the studio no later than January 10 and that we should post it immediately. Why? We asked. Because Shrinebuilder is comprised of Scott “Wino” Weinrich of Saint Vitus and Hidden Hand, Dale Crover of The Melvins, Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Al Cisneros of Om. read more »

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