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Stream: The Strokes’ Album Angles

Finally! Now we can all listen to The Strokes‘ Angles while counting down the days until its physical release next Tuesday. Super stoked to argue about the record’s quality for the next year at parties, … read more »

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New Beastie Boys Album Cover Competes With The Strokes for Best Use of Color and Shape

No Foo Fighters pun intended. Check the DayGlo Mondrian cover of Beastie Boys‘ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two vs The Strokes’ “Marble Madness” inspired art for Angles.

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Video: The Strokes Stoked to Play SNL?

It kinda seemed like host Miley Cyrus ran over to SNL this past Saturday. And, admittedly, the band sort of performed like they were being forced to play an in-store, cross-marketing platform. They seemed a … read more »

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Video: The Strokes, “Under Cover of Darkness”

In the video for “Under Cover of Darkness” the men of The Strokes are in repose in the passages of a deluxe concert hall, watering the eager mouths of the location scouts and booking agents … read more »

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Stream: The Strokes, “You’re So Right”

People got excited about that new song from The Strokes because of sense-memory from 2001. “Under Cover of Darkness” had that come and gone Strokes sound that’s remembered so fondly by so many people, not … read more »

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The Strokes to Play Free Show in Austin

We wrote about The Strokes when they were on the verge of being “almost famous” in 2001, put them on their very first magazine cover. Ten years, a hiatus and Gossip Girl appearance later, the … read more »

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The Tripwire Podcast 065

Stream: The Tripwire Podcast 065 Download an enhanced version with album art, links, and chapters, here. Full track information after the jump!

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The Tripwire: The Strokes Return As Reluctant Rock Heroes

One of my friends longest running shared jokes involves riffing on Shia LaBeouf rocking a Strokes t-shirt for the better part of the first Transformers movie reboot. I’m not sure why the joke has lasted … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: February 13, 2011 Edition

** Did Dr. Dre capitalize Burning Man? According to a handwritten letter, he happened upon the wild gathering while scouting locations for the “California Love” video and realized he could “get behind this shit and … read more »

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Strokes Angles

The Strokes Have an Album Cover, Might Be Inspired By Marble Madness

Pitchfork says Q-Bert, which is probably a more accurate representation of the bright cover for The Strokes‘ fourth LP Angles, but its a lot more fun to imagine them in LA, fighting with each other … read more »

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