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The Suzan, 24 Hour Happy Mixtape MP3

Stores are exclusively stocking pajamas and sequined shifts and there are mondo Chabad menorah’s lit up in the streets so we know that it’s officially Holiday Party season. We figure there are two ways to … read more »

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The Suzan, “Paranoid” (Kanye West Cover) MP3

Rad Tokyo girl band The Suzan took this song off 808s and Heartbreak straight out of Rhianna’s agonized corset and into something not out of place in a children’s Christmas choral zone. Not just any … read more »

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NYC: Fool’s Gold’s Day Off Starring Yelawolf, Pill and Everyone Else You Like

If you were bummed because all your friends are headed to Jamaica or the Hamptons or wherever over Labor Day Weekend, we now allow you to commence feeling awesome. Our pals at Fool’s Gold Records … read more »

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Premiere: The Suzan, “Home” MP3

New Friday night getting ready for the party anthem! And hopefully said party will be at The Suzan‘s house! “Home” is full-on hyperactive bopping around the dancefloor steez, a spunky number propelled by hollow drum … read more »

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