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Five Questions For The Whip

How many sexual innuendos have you gotten in reference to your band name? What, you mean like bondage or S&M-type stuff? None. None at all. read more »

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All England Club Monthly Missive

Happy 2009! As great as 2008 was, we are already digging into what should be a great year in British music. So let’s get right to it… read more »

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X Marks Destination

From the first listen of X Marks Destination, it becomes quite obvious that The Whip are pros at getting a party started and fueling it to the late hours of the night. This album is basically a hipsters wet dream. It’s chock full of raw industrial Justice-like electronica tracks that are heavy on crunchy bass lines and catchy two line choruses that are looped continuously through out the songs. read more »

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Levi’s®/FADER Fort: The Whip

Manchester, UK’s live dance band The Whip at the Levi’s/FADER Fort: We did not ghostride them, but we jernted our caffeinated bodies to their post-Happy Mondays, post-Joy Division blendissimo of dark new wave and looped … read more »

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