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Stream Michael K. Williams’ Omar Little Playlist

In a recent New York magazine feature, Michael K. Williams, aka Omar Little from The Wire, revealed that he uses music to help craft characters. Be it two or three songs or a long playlist, … read more »

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Michael K. Williams to Play Ol Dirty Bastard in Upcoming Film

Michael K. Williams of The Wire, Boardwalk Empire and Community will play the late Ol Dirty Bastard in upcoming film, Dirty White Boy. The movie is based on the true story of Jarred Weisfeld, the … read more »

How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well Mix for The Wire

Whoops! How to Dress Well‘s show with Autre Ne Veut at The Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint, aka the most well matched up venue/performance show ever, is completely sold out. If you’re bummed on … read more »

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Video: Giggs, “Hustle On” Starring Idris Elba

Giggs and fellow Brit Idris Elba must be friends, because the majority of Elba’s cameo in this video consists of him driving Giggs around and sometimes talking on his cell phone, with occasional profile shots … read more »

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HBO Posted the Trailer for Treme, David Simon’s Followup to The Wire

As we read in this super long and super awesome Vice interview with The Wire creator David Simon, he’s been down in New Orleans working on a new show, Treme. HBO put up the first … read more »

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Get Inside Idris Elba's "Private Garden" (MP3)

Straight up, we know at least ten women who would sell both arms to spend like 30 minutes with Idris Elba. You probably do too. Unless you are one. Maybe we are too? After his … read more »

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The Wire Goes Ivy League

At least the chess boards should already be nearby. read more »

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The Smoking Section: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

The Smoking Section has become total listmania lately, and we’ve enjoyed quite a few, but our favorite so far has to be their character-by-character rundown of The Wire if it were cast with rappers, or … read more »

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The Wire: The Complete Series (OMMFG)

Now understand that we love The Wire and we’ve seen every episode multiple times and we have no problem finding a reason to get deep into its intricacies and brilliance, but we’re still majorly excited … read more »


Video: M.I.A. + Blaqstarr, “Way Down in the Hole”

Since we heard that M.I.A. and Blaqstarr were doing a Baltimore-influenced cover of “Way Down in the Hole,” the opening theme from The Wire, we were a little skeptical. After hearing the original blast out … read more »

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